Infinity Tyre Seal has been tested under strict ECE regulation 30 tests. ECE regulation 30 tests simulate multiple road conditions and various loads, these simulations are then used to test air filled rubber tyres and their performance.

  • Infinity Tyre Seal was tested using the ECE regulation 30 test, with three 6mm diameter holes made into a tyre treated with Infinity Tyre Seal.

  • The tyre(s) were then subjected with simulated loads of up to 615 kg and speeds of up to 150 mph, this test was carried out at high speeds for 1 hour.

  • The tyre(s) were then pressure tested and examined at the point of penetration, there    was no loss of pressure or air loss detected.
    Note: the ECE regulation 30 test was carried out multiple times on various types of tyres.

A conclusion can therefore be drawn from the tests conducted, that Infinity Tyre Seal has the capabilities of instantly and permanently repairing holes of up to 6mm in diameter and prevents any further air loss.


During the “puncture and pressure loss testing” of Infinity Tyre Seal, each tyre(s) that were tested also had with there temperatures measured at 6 different points of the tyre tread.

Temperature data was then compared to temperature data from tyres that were tested without Infinity Tyre Seal treatment.       

A comparison in data proved that tyres treated with Infinity Tyre Seal were running 5.58% cooler than tyres running without Infinity Tyre Seal treatment.

Test results prove that with Infinity Tyre Seal treatment, tyres run 5.58 % cooler than untreated tyres. Due to this drop in the tyres running temperature, a tyre’s life is extended by up to 10% and also due to a lower tyre temperature, a gain on fuel economy is achieved.