A recent study by Emissions Analytics- a leading independent global testing and data specialist- was published with some alarming results. The study has revealed that “pollution from tyre wear can be 1,000 times worse than what comes out of a car’s exhaust” ( www.emissionsanalytics.com/news/pollution-tyre-wear-worse-exhaust-emissions ). This figure can be much higher if your tyres are underinflated. What’s even more alarming is that “tyre particle pollution” is not regulated at all unlike strict exhaust emissions.

Particle pollution from tyres is when the rubber compound of a tyre starts to break up into microscopic particles due to road surface wear. These microscopic particles or “tyre particle pollution” is very dangerous for the environment as it can be breathed in by humans and animals resulting in respiratory diseases. Tyre particles can also find itself into our food chain via sea food products. This is due to microscopic tyre particle being washed up by rain into water channels and eventually into our rivers and oceans.

Because “tyre particle pollution” is not regulated there is no way of putting an accurate figure on how much of our rivers and oceans are polluted by microscopic tyre particles. But a recent study by “International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources” estimates that “tyre dust” accounts for 28% of micro plastics in our rivers and oceans.

Underinflated tyres also have a major impact on the environment and your safety. UK statistics show that 56.8% of car tyres on the road are underinflated by up to 4 psi or more. Underinflated tyres can impact your safety by effecting your braking and steering.

We as an eco conscious company feel our responsibility to give back to nature.

It is time to start giving back to “Mother Earth”, so with great pleasure we can announce that:

 “for every customers vehicle that we protect with Infinity Tyre Seal, we pledge to further reduce their carbon footprint by planting a tree in their name, in parts of the world effected by deforestation”