Since 2010 the RAC has recorded a 335% increase in call outs due to newer cars not having a spare tyre, but instead having temporary repair kits. These temporary repair kits are not very reliable; therefore, breakdown assistance is the only option available.

The RAC reported that they are called out 30,000 times a month just to repair punctures due to potholes on U.K roads, with 40% of these call out due to a car not having a spare tyre or having an ineffective temporary puncture repair kit.

More than 55% of new cars have  a puncture repair kit over a spare tyre. This is due to manufacturers choosing a cheaper and lighter alternative over a heavier and more expensive space saver wheel.

U.K  road statistics show that 45% of accidents on U.K roads are caused by under inflated tyres or slow punctures. Under inflated tyres distort due to an increase in friction with the road. This causes an increase in the temperature of the tyre eventually making it explode.

Low tyre pressures can also cause severe understeer and oversteer, which at high speeds can prove to be very dangerous.

With there being so many issues surrounding spare tyres and puncture repair kits, pre-installing Infinity Tyre Seal will prevent your tyres from air loss and punctures for up to 3 years or the lifetime of your tyre.


Tyre Life Extender

Infinity Tyre Seal treatment will make your tyres run 5.58% cooler than normal tyres. This decrease in temperature helps you gain up to 10% more use out of your tyres before they wear out.

Reduces Tyre Particle Pollution

By running your tyres 5.58% cooler Infinity Tyre Seal will also help reduce particle pollution emitted by your tyres.

Increased Fuel Economy

When a tyre has a low tyre pressure the rubber naturally gets distorted which
increases rolling resistance between the tyre and the road surface, which in turn
decreases your fuel consumption. Infinity Tyre Seal treatment will help you gain a better fuel economy by always maintaining your tyres at their correct pressures.

To Give You An Example:

If a cars tyres were under inflated by 15 Psi (1bar), this would lead to a decrease in fuel consumption of up to 7 %.

Taking into consideration the average spend of £2500 per year on fuel, you could be paying £150 extra per year on fuel.

Infinity Tyre seal treatment will help you gain the maximum usage from your tyres and will also help you save money on your fuel costs.