Our team and partners have a combined experience of over 70 years with-in the motor, commercial transport, and motor insurance industry. 

With drawing knowledge from our team’s wealth of experience in the haulage industry we had managed to formulate “Infinity Tyre Seal” and eradicate the issue of tyre pressure and air loss throughout the transport industry. With tens of thousands of hours of simulation testing and live road testing of Infinity Tyre Seal, our team and partners knowledge was key to our success.

When it came to developing Infinity Tyre Seal for cars, we turned to our team members who have a background in a McLaren internship program and the motor insurance trade. We learnt how developing a product for passenger cars can drastically reduce insurance claims and increase driver safety as 45% of road accidents are caused by air loss and punctures.

Throughout research and development, we had to fine tune our formulation both on track for high-speed testing and on public roads for low-speed testing. Our team members played a pivotal role in the development of Infinity Tyre Seal. With key information and legalities surrounding motor insurance and tyres covered we started to fine tune Infinity Tyre Seal using our team members years of knowledge and experience of fine-tuning racing cars.