Unlike cars which sometimes may have a spare tyre, motorbikes and mopeds don’t carry a spare tyre at all. So, when you pick up a puncture on a motorbike or moped the only alternatives are to use a temporary puncture repair kit,  which by law is deemed a “temporary repair” and will eventually have to be plugged and patched by a bike shop. Or the other alternative is to call out a mobile bike mechanic.

Under both circumstances the average cost of repairs is £85.00, along with lengthy wait times. So, whether you’re a “rider / enthusiast” who doesn’t want to be caught out by a puncture or a “delivery rider” who doesn’t want to lose precious delivery time and waste food due to a puncture, Infinity Tyre Seal for Motorbikes and Mopeds will reduce the risk of you being caught out by unwanted punctures.

With food delivery companies seeing an ever-increasing demand for their services, the number of delivery mopeds in the U.K has drastically increased. This increase has brought along with it an increase in pollution caused by engines and also tyres. Although companies are taking measures by switching to electric motorbikes / mopeds, the problem with “tyre particle pollution” will still remain.


  • Infinity Tyre Seal will instantly and permanently seal multiple punctures from objects of up to 6mm in diameter
  • Infinity Tyre Seal helps delivery riders reduce downtime and food wastage caused by punctures and air loss
  • By running you tyres 5.58% cooler, Infinity Tyre Seal will help you achieve the following:
    • better fuel economy
    • 10% increase in tyre life
    • reduction in tyre particle pollution

100 delivery mopeds were monitored for punctures over the period of 2 months.

50 Mopeds with infinity tyre seal.

50 Mopeds withOUT infinity tyre seal.

0 Punctures

46 Punctures


100 delivery mopeds with a 5 mm tyre tread were monitored for tyre wear over a period of 2 months.

50 Mopeds with infinity tyre seal.

50 Mopeds withOUT infinity tyre seal.

2.09 mm tyre tread remaining

1.9 mm tyre tread remaining