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Simple to install at home…

please read carefully

Using Infinity Tyre Seal is really easy & can be carried out at home. The only equipment you need is:

  • Infinity Tyre Seal
  • Tyre valve key (comes with your sealant)
  • Tyre pump / tyre inflator

Please ensure you have the correct amount of sealant for your car or motorcycle before starting. You can can check how many units each tyre requires by using our unit calculator.

Simply follow the steps below to install the tyre sealant & protect your tyres!


Firmly hold the hexagonal socket at the base of the pump.

Step 1

While holding the hexagonal socket turn the head of the pump anti-clockwise until the pump shaft is released and springs up.

Step 2

Using the provided valve key remove the valve core by inserting it into valve whilst applying light pressure and turn it anti-clockwise

Step 3

Once the air is released from the tyre insert the end of the flexible tube over the valve

Step 4

Press up and down on the pump until the liquid reaches the end of the flexible tube. One up and down depression is equivalent to one unit. Insert the exact amount of units* recommended into the tyre. 

Step 5

After inserting the recommended units into the tyre. Remove the flexible tube and put the valve core back into the valve by inserting it into the valve using the valve key and turning it clock-wise.

Step 6

Inflate your tyre to the correct tyre pressure. Once you have repeated these steps on all four tyres, take your vehicle for a drive of upto 5 miles so that the liquid coats the inside of your tyres.

Step 7
2l Inifity Tyre Seal

Calculate units required for each tyre

Simply choose the tab below for”Cars & Vans” or “Motorcycles” & then enter your tyre size.

Enter The Tyre Size For Your Car, SUV or Van

  • Tyre Size Example: 255/55 R18 (Width = 255, Profile = 55, Rim = 18)
  • Units = the number of units required for 1 tyre
  • Multiply this number by 4 if you need Infinity Tyre Seal for all your tyres
  • 2-litre = 68 units / 1-litre = 34 units

Enter The Tyre Size For Your Motorcycle Or Moped

  • Tyre Size Example: 120/70 17 (Width = 120, Ratio = 70, Rim = 17)
  • Units = the number of units required for 1 tyre
  • Remember to do this for front & rear tyres. Simply add the two numbers to work out how many units you need for both tyres.
  • 2-litre = 68 units / 1-litre = 34 units