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Welcome to a world without punctures!


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No More Punctures. Ever.

Infinity Tyre Seal is a revolutionary tyre sealant that instantly and permanently seals multiple punctures in cars, vans & motorcycles, as they happen.

Simple to install in only 5-10 mins, the sealant uniformly coats the inside of your tyre creating an airtight seal between your tyre and rim.

This means your tyre is protected from holes up to 6mm for the lifetime of your tyre.

How it works…



How It Works #1 - Infinity Tyre Seal

Pump a set amount of Infinity Tyre Seal through the air valve. You can calculate how many pumps you need for your tyres here.



Infinity Tyre Seal will coat the inside of your tyre to create an air-tight seal between your tyre and rim.



In the event of a puncture or sudden air loss, Infinity Tyre Seal will react and create an instant and permanent seal which prevents any further air escaping.



After a puncture is caused by a nail for, example, it can be removed with no need for a puncture repair. The sealant creates a permanent repair & will last for the lifetime of your tyre.

Which size should you order?

This depends on the size of your tyres. In general, a 2-litre container is suitable to protect all 4 wheels on most cars, SUVs & vans. The 1-litre container will protect the wheels on most mopeds & motorcycles. To be sure you order the right quantity, just use our simple unit calculator.


2l Inifity Tyre Seal

2 LITRE: £40

The 2-litre Infinity Tyre Seal contains 68 units of sealant, which will protect all 4 wheels on most cars & vans.

1l Infinity Tyre Seal

1 LITRE: £25

The 1-litre Infinity Tyre Seal contains 34 units, which will protect both wheels on most mopeds & motorcycles.



Preventing punctures is just one of the reasons for using Infinity Tyre Seal. When we developed our sealant, the goal had always been to create a system that also increased safety & had a positive effect on the environment.

No More Puncture - Infinity Tyre Seal

no more punctures

Instant & permanent seal of holes up to 6mm in diameter. This permanent seal lasts for the lifetime of your tyres!

Maintain Tyre Pressure - Infinity Tyre Seal

Never Lose Air Pressure

Helps to maintain your correct tyre pressure, even if your vehicle is parked stationary for long periods of time.

Reduce Blow-Outs - Infinity Tyre Seal


Reduces the risk of accidents caused by blowouts (due to under-inflated tyres) or punctures while driving.

Reduce Tyre Particles - Infinity Tyre Seal

Less Particle Pollution

As your tyres run at 5.58% cooler, they will produce less tyre particles (aka tyre dust) which are terrible for the environment.

Extend Tyre Life - Infinity Tyre Seal

Increased Tyre Life

As the cooler temperature slows the deterioration of your tyres, they will last longer. Tyre life can increase by up to 10%.

Better Fuel Economy - Infinity Tyre Seal

Better Fuel Economy

Reduces the risk of accidents caused by blowouts (due to under-inflated tyres) or punctures while driving.


Frequently asked questions

Can Infinity tyre seal be used in all types of tyres?

Infinity Tyre Seal is suitable for all all kinds of car, van, motorcycle & scooter tyres. As long as you can see your tyre size in our calculator it will work with that tyre. If you think your tyre size is missing, just send us a quick message & we’ll come back to you asap.

Does Infinity Tyre Seal Work With Run Flat Tyres?

Yes – Infinity Tyre Seal works will protect punctures of up to 6mm in run-flat tyres. As run-flat tyres are expensive, it makes lots of sense to protect them from punctures.

Does Infnity Tyre Seal Make a mess of the wheels & make it hard for new tyres to be fitted?

No – Infinity Tyre Seal is water soluble & really easy to remove. The sealant can be wiped off the wheel with a cloth & no cleaning chemical is required.

This is totally different to “puncture repair” sealants which are used on tyres AFTER a puncture…which is very hard to remove.

Will it work with TPMS (tyre performance management systems)?

Yes – Infinity Tyre Seal is fine to use with Tyre Performance Management Systems.

What are the ingredients of infinity tyre seal?

Infinity Tyre Seal formulation: 15 % water, 5% urea, 2% recycled/shredded rubber, 78 % organic matter.

what is the shelf life for Infinity Tyre Seal?

If kept in a cool place, out of direct sunlight, Infinity Tyre Seal will last for 5 years.

Will this protect my tyres from punctures on the shoulder or sidewall of the tyre?

Possibly. As the side wall & shoulders of tyres are thinner rubber, there maybe more damage. In this case, there would be a controlled deflation. If there is zero damage, apart from a hole up to 6mm, there could be a permanent seal which would allow you to drive for the lifetime of your tyre.

Are my tyres protected from punctures caused by potholes?

Yes & no. If the puncture is on the tread of your tyre & is less than 6mm…then yes, there will be a permanent seal.

If the hole is larger than 6mm and/or on the shoulder or sidewall of the tyre, then probably not. In this case, rather than getting a blowout, it would be more likely that there would be a controlled deflation.

How do I dispose of infinty tyre seal?

Infinity Tyre Seal is a water-based solution containing no harmful chemicals. it is perfectly safe to simply pour it down a drain.

The packaging is 100% recyclable.


Can I use Infinity Tyre Seal To Repair A Puncture?

No. Infinity Tyre Seal should only be used for preventing punctures in cars, vans, motorcycles & scooters.